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1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Amy and I picked up our new Corvette on April 27, 2002. This 69 model is a nearly completed frame off car. The car suffered some minor damage from a lift collapse. So the work ahead is mainly fixing the damaged areas and finishing the details of the restoration. Should be a fun project.
I will want to get the car on the road as soon as possible so that we may enjoy the summer season which is coming soon.

April 29, 2002:
While I'm considering how to fix the damaged areas, I think I'll start picking away at some of the unfinished things. Tonight I finished putting the horn button together.

April 30, 2002:
Neither the wiper door or the wiper electrics are quite finished. Tonight I was able to get the wiper door and wipers operating correctly. I'll need to order an interlock switch as it broke during my fiddling. I'll also need to purchase the original type wiper blades and holders as the ones on the car are too large and interfere with the wiper door operation. I also cleaned up the washer pump and made it operational. I'll need to get a new washer bag and hoses to finish the job.

May 5, 2002:
For the past few days I've been working on teardown and front fiberglass repair. Both are now completed and I'm ready to move on to the primer and paint work. I've decided to paint the whole car as I'm not convinced I can match the paint quite right. It's got a high metallic and pearl content. To top it off PPG shows four different formulas for the same paint color! I would certainly have to blend into the doors so that only leaves the rear end to do anyway. So I'm using the existing brand new paint as blocking material for the next coat. Most paint will be removed during blocking as less paint thickness is better on a Vette.

May 8, 2002:
Whew - I'm getting tired of sanding! As long as I'm going to be painting the entire car, I might as well block it a few times to be sure it's straight. I figure I've got a couple more sandings to go before I'm done.

May 11, 2002:
A long day of painting but it's done. Well at least most of it is painted. There are still some small parts left. On to sanding and buffing!

May 18, 2002:
Well, everything has been buffed out and I've been reassembling. I'm waiting on parts for the grill area (bumper), wiper door, and some other small items. I'll keep on reassembling and cleaning!

May 25,2002:
Everything is back together ecept a few small areas. It's pretty much back to it's pre-fall condition. I need to put the headlights in. I found that the wiper motor is incorrect so I can't time the door with the wipers. One more bolt and I'm done with the seat belts.
Anyway, it's on the road again and drives nicely.