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1970 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup

We picked up this old Ford Truck on September 23, 2002. I will use it as my daily driver. I'll be upgrading and repairing as I go on this one. I'll concentrate on the safety and comfort areas first and then paint and bodywork.

Sept. 24, 2002:
Installed AM/FM radio. Fixed heater controls and lubed control cables. Replaced stoplight switch.
I also ordered new brake parts and a heater valve.

Sept. 27, 2002:
In the last couple days I rebuilt the front brakes and ran a new brake line to the rear. Brakes work good now. I also replaced the heater valve and the heat works good now too.
Yesterday I developed a radiator leak. I'll take it out this weekend so it can be fixed on Monday.

Sept 30, 2002:
I tore apart the steering column and replaced the canceling cam. Now the blinkers turn off automatically after you turn a corner.
I also removed the radiator, had it recored, and reinstalled it.
I adjusted the bands on the transmission and most of the slippage is now gone.
I also compression tested the engine and it appears to be very good.
Next I will rewire the headlight system using modern relays to get much better performance from them.

Oct. 3, 2002:
I rewired the headlights using modern relays and halogen bulbs. They seem to work great.

Oct. 7, 2002:
Replaced the radius arm bushings. Changed the exhaust manifold gaskets and had the exhaust sytem tightened up. Ordered parts for the doors.

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