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1985 Jeep CJ-7

We picked up this Jeep in very used condition locally. I bought it with the intention of restoring it for my daughter when she gets old enough to drive. I have several years to casually work on the truck. It will be a complete frame off with a new tub and engine.

October 10, 2002:
I've decided to install the AMC 258 engine that came with the Jeep. If I can get it running, I'll be able to move it around easier before we start a frame off. I've decided to go with a new fiberglass tub and one piece front end.
Installed the engine. Now I need to finish the small stuff so I can get it running. I'm going to do a TFI conversion, nutter conversion, and 2100 conversion. I spent a couple hours today trying to track down a Motorcraft 2100 carb at the local yards. Nobody even has carbs anymore! I found a new one at a local auto supply but it was WAY too expensive. It finally dawned on me that my 70 Ford PU may have the correct carb. Sure enough, it's the exact carb that everybody else is using. Even has the 1.08 venturis. Since my truck is a huge dog, I'm going to put and aluminum manifold and 4bbl carb on the truck and nab the MC2100 for the Jeep. I love it when a plan comes together!